Making Changes During the Year

Generally, after you have made your benefit plan elections, you may change those elections only during the next Annual Enrollment period.

However, if you experience a qualifying event or other allowable event during the year, you may change certain benefit plan elections before the next Annual Enrollment period. You must properly advise HR/Benefits (along with providing the required supporting documentation) and make the change using the online benefits website within 30 days of the event in order for your mid-year change to be approved.

Your new election must be on account of the event and must correspond with that gain or loss of coverage. A qualifying event is defined as an event that results in the gain or loss of eligibility by you or your dependents. For example:

The rules regarding changes after your new hire enrollment and the Annual Enrollment period are very specific; therefore, you should refer to the information provided on this website or contact HR/Benefits if you require assistance. For instructions on how to make qualifying event changes, click here.

Special Enrollment Rules

If you originally declined medical or dental coverage because you had other health coverage, you may be eligible to change your elections under the following circumstances:

If your dependents also had other health coverage and lost that coverage in the above situations, they may be added to your coverage. However, you will not be able to add yourself or your dependents to this coverage if the other coverage was terminated for cause (including failure to timely pay the required premiums).

In addition to the changes described above, you may enroll yourself and your spouse/domestic partner (with or without the new dependent) in the Company health care plan following marriage or the adoption, placement for adoption or birth of a child. You must be enrolled in order to cover your dependents.

Special Enrollment Procedure

You must enroll for coverage within 30 days of the special enrollment event (60 days for CHIP) by going online and making the appropriate change. Supporting documentation must be sent to HR/Benefits.

If you enroll and provide the required documentation within this period, the effective date of coverage will be first of the month following qualifying event (birth or adoption is date of qualifying event) of the special enrollment event. Your paycheck contributions will be deducted retroactive to the date of the special enrollment event.

If you do not enroll and provide supporting documentation within 30 days of the special enrollment event (60 days for CHIP), you may not enroll until the next Annual Enrollment period.

For more information on how your benefits are affected by these life changes, contact HR/Benefits.