Voluntary Accident Insurance

We all know accidents and injuries can strike at any time and without warning. The Voluntary Accident Insurance (VAI) plan helps protect you and your family against some of the financial consequences of covered accidents that occur on or off the job. VAI pays a lump-sum benefits to plan members directly. You can click here to view a video regarding Unum's voluntary accident plan.

All eligible employees age 17 to 64, who are actively at work, may enroll. Your spouse/domestic partner's age 17 to 64 may also be covered. Coverage is available to children (including stepchildren and legally adopted children) from ages 14 days to 26 years as long as they are not disabled or married.

If you enroll for coverage during your initial enrollment period, your coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.

If you do not enroll for coverage during your initial enrollment period, you may enroll for coverage during the next Annual Enrollment period. This plan does not permit mid-year enrollments or changes.

Your Cost

Your cost for VAI coverage depends on who you choose to insure: yourself, yourself and your spouse/domestic partner, yourself and your child(ren) only, or your entire family.

You pay the entire cost of VAI. Refer to the section titled Employee Contributions for the applicable cost.

VAI Benefits

Refer to the Schedule of Benefits for the list of covered accidents and injuries.  VAI payments are in addition to any other benefits received from other insurance such as medical or accident plans. Use this claim form to submit a Voluntary Benefits Accident claim to Unum.

VAI Benefit Limitations and Exclusions

You should be aware there are certain kinds of accidents not covered by this plan. They include:

Voluntary Accident Insurance is a limited benefit policy underwritten and administered by Unum. MED3OOO is not the plan sponsor or the plan fiduciary. As a result, this program is not covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA). All administration of this program is performed by Unum.